April 2018



  • Sea Lion - Galapagos - Catana 42 Viramundo

    The population of the Galapagos sea lion is estimated to be around 50,000 individuals

  • Marina in Virgin Islands

    The Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea 60km east of Puerto Rico.
    The islands are known for beautiful white sand beaches, small ports and many anchorages.

  • Catana 582 in Marquesas Islands

    The islands are still the most isolated land masses on the globe

  • Catana 47 Carbon sailing

    Catana 47 Carbon light and lively and exceptional ability under sail, it gives the helmsman and the crew an incredible sensation of speed and acceleration whilst remaining stable and comfortable thanks to the large bridgedeck clearance.

  • Catana 65 in Porquerolles

    The island of Porquerolles is the largest and most western of the three islands of Hyères with its 12.54 km² area.
    It is located 2.6 km southeast of Fondue Tower, the southern end of the Giens peninsula, and 9.6 km west of the island of Port-Cros.

  • Sunrise


    Sunrise is generally considered to occur when the top edge of the star appears above the horizon