October 2018



  • Privilège 585

    Privilege 585 - Alliaura Marine Shipyard
    Catamarans performant with a high level of construction. They are perfect for sailing around the world with your family.

  • Lagoon 380S2 in Asia

    Lagoon 380 S2 at anchorage in Asia.
    Very spacious catamaran with a large bright saloon.
    Production of the Lagoon 380 S2 started in 2003 and ended in 2016.

  • Dolphin 460

    Dolphin 460 - Dolphin Catamarans Shipyard in Brazil

    Perfect for owner catamaran, both performant and light while offering a large volume and comfortable


  • Catana 70

    Catana 70 - Catana shipyard

    Catana 70 - Sail ever faster in complete safety. Thanks to her sailplan and her large bridgedeck clearance allow the Catana 70 to achieve unrivalled performance while remaining comfortable at high speeds. Interior side, there is a comfort worthy of a superyacht.

  • Privilège 435 in Collioure

    Privilege 435 at anchorage in Collioure.
    26km from the Spanish border, Collioure is the jewel of this coast.
    Collioure enjoys an exceptional anchorage in front of the Royal Castle, with clear waters, coves and beaches of white sand or pebbles.

  • Transcat 48

    Power Cat Transcat 48 - Alliaura Marine shipyard

    This power cat is very comfortable, with a panoramic view and a flybridge.

    She has a spacious saloon with an open galley and a pilothouse.

  • Lagoon 570

    Catamaran Lagoon 570 - Lagoon Catamarans shipyard - VPLP Design Architect
    The Lagoon 570 is very spacious. This catamaran allows to navigate in absolute comfort, luxurious saloon, spacious cabins, deck and cockpit are easily accessible.
    The Lagoon 570 is perfect for a family or a group of friends.

  • Bali 4.3

    Bali 4.3 Loft - Bali Catamarans Shipyard
    Departure of a Bali 4.3 Loft in Canet in Roussillon, direction Bahamas to join a fleet of charter.
    The Bahamas archipelago is located in the Caribbean Sea, southeast of Miami in Florida and north of the island of Cuba.

  • Les Occasions du Multicoque 2018

    The pre-owned multihulls boat show "Les Occasions du Multicoque" in Canet en Roussillon has closed its doors.
    This fourth edition exclusively reserved for used multihulls was a real success.

  • Athéna 38

    Athéna 38 - Fontaine Pajot shipyard

    This catamaran was built in 200 units and manufactured from 1994 to 2007

  • Wonderful sunset with a Privilege 435

    Sunset aboard a Privilège 435

    Privilege 435:  Alliaura Marine shipyard - architect Marc Lombard - interior design Archetype Studio
    The Privilege 435 are catamarans of a high quality of construction, performant and very good sailors.

  • Catana 62 at anchorage

    Catana 62 at anchorage - Catana shipyard

    Catana 62 "To take you ever faster, ever further".

    A boat with performance well above the average, today the C62 is the most high performance and safest cruising catamaran in its class.

  • Sunreef 70 Sailing

    Sunreef 70 Sailing - Sunreef Yachts shipyard in Poland

    The Sunreef 70 Sailing has good sailing performance and a well-designed flying bridge and helm station. The interior space features many innovations.

  • Privilège 615 in Canet en Roussillon

    Catamaran Privilege 615 at the dock in the port of Canet en Roussillon.
    The sea was dismounted with big waves due to the Leslie storm and it was impossible to go by boat in Canet.

  • Lagoon 37

    Lagoon 37

    In order to reach the American market, the Lagoon 37 was built in the United States by the TPI shipyard "Tillotson Pearson Inc".
    It can be noted that the very large Moorings rental fleet renamed the Lagoon 37 to Moorings 3700.

  • Aventura 10

    Aventura 10 Power - Aventura Catamarans shipyard - architect Lasta Design Studio / BE STGI

    The Aventura 10 has a huge ability, always the innovative square/cockpit concept, modern design and innovative signed Lasta Design Studio.

    The Aventura 10 is available in 3 or 4 cabins version.

  • Saba 50 - Fountaine Pajot

    Catamaran Saba 50 - Fountaine Pajot shipyard - architect Berret Racoupeau

    Family cruising catamaran with choice of spacious living areas (lounge deck, sun lounger...) with outstanding offshore performance in absolute comfort.

  • Anchorage in Grenadines

    The archipelago of the Grenadines Islands of the Southern Caribbean in the Caribbean Sea, located between the island of St. Vincent and the island of Grenada is perfect for sailing, especially for catamaran cruises.
    It includes more than 32 islands. The sea is turquoise, the seabed full of fish.

  • BALI 4.5

    Bali 4.5 Open Space

    Developed by Olivier Poncin and the R&D team at CATANA, the BALI range is produced in the company’s own yard.

    Enormous OPEN living spaces, large openings forward and aft, innovative nacelle without trampoline. Possibility flybridge version.

  • Welcome in Marigot Bay

    Welcome in Marigot Bay!

    Latitude:: 13° 57.9383' N - Longitude:: 61° 1.487' W

    Marigot Bay is located on the western coast of the island of Saint Lucia - Caribbean. It is surrounded on three sides by steep, forested hills.

    The marina at Marigot Bay with 40 moorings can receive yachts between 15m and 75 meters.

  • Lagoon 380 at anchorage

    Catamaran Lagoon 380 anchored at St Vincent & Grenadines.
    The Lagoon 380 - Lagoon Catamaran shipyard - is a perfect family catamaran, very comfortable with a large interior volume.
    The Lagoon 380 is the most sold catamaran to date, 800 units in 17 years.

  • Catana 53 under sails

    Catamaran Catana 53 - Catana Shipyard - under sails in front of Canet en Roussillon

    The large bridgedeck clearance allows the Catana 53 to remain comfortable at high speeds, even in big seas.

  • Croatia anchorage

    Croatia offers an unlimited number of anchorages.
    With transparent water, a calm sea without wave and a thermal wind of 10/15 knots in the afternoon, sailing in the Adriatic is a real pleasure for sailing boats.

  • Lagoon 630 MY

    Catamaran Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

    On her inaugural voyage across the Atlantic, the 630 MY has covering a total distance of 2,722 nautical miles from Las Palmas (Canaries) to Saint Martin (West Indies), her average fuel consumption was 12.5 l/hour for an average speed of 8.1 knots, taking her 14 days.

  • Lagoon Seventy 7

    This Catamaran Lagoon Seventy 7 is the bigger sail catamaran à voile for Lagoon shipyard with its 22.60m.

    A massive flybridge, Large hull portholes and also a direct access to the sea from the owner's suite through the hull door make this catamaran a success for the Lagoon shipyard.

  • Catana 55 under sails

    Catana Catamaran 55 under sails - Catana shipyard
    The Catana 55 is perfect for sailing fast with really impressive performances and in comfort.
    Big brother of the Catana 50, the Catana 55 is ideal for blue water cruising in family.

  • Sailing in French Polynesia

    Navigation in French Polynesia is relatively simple with usually a SE trade wind.
    French Polynesia has 118 islands divided into a group of 5 French archipelagos, located in the southern Pacific Ocean, about 6000 km east of Australia:
    the archipelago of the Society, the archipelago of Tuamotu, the archipelago of Gambier, the archipelago of Austral, the archipelago of the Marquesas.

  • Léopard 40 Classic in St Vincent & Grenadines

    Léopard 40 Classic at anchor in Wallilabou - St Vincent & the Grenadines

    The Léopard 40 Classic - Léopard Catamarans shipyard - was built for sailing in tropical waters. Perfect for 8-10 guests

    Catamaran with very comfortable and performance sailing, and also easy sailing.

  • Lagoon 470 in Collioure

    Catamaran Lagoon 470 anchored off in Collioure.
    Lagoon Catamarans shipyard - Architect Van Peteghem / Lauriot Prevost
    The catamaran Lagoon 470 is characterized by the enormous saloon, a panoramic view, a helm station offering good visibility for the skipper and a very comfortable cockpit.

  • Neel 65 on French Riviera

    Neel 65 at anchor on the French Riviera.
    The Neel 65 - Neel Trimarans shipyard is a fast cruising trimaran.
    The Neel 65 is also the largest cruising trimaran produced in series.