September 2018



  • Anchorage Union Islands

    Union is an island in the Grenadines, an archipelago located in the West Indies, between the island of St. Vincent in the north and Granada in the south. It is part of the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    The main town is Clifton Harbor, where the airport is located.

  • Bali 4.3 Loft

    Bali 4.3 Loft - Bali Catamarans shipyard

    The Bali 4.3 Loft is a cruising catamaran with a panoramic view, a large retractable windows and a unique level of self-sufficiency for a 43 footer.

  • Catana 431 in Sète harbour

    Catamaran Catana 431 is in the Sète harbour - Hérault.

    Sète harbour - Hérault is located between sea and lagoon.

    The port of Sète includes a commercial port, a fishing port and a marina.

  • Maxi Catamaran 80' TAJ

    Maxi Catamaran 80' TAJ - Trimarine shipyard

    This catamaran just complet a 9 months refit.

  • Privilège 585

    Catamaran Privilege 585 Alliaura Marine French shipyard (architect Marc Lombard).

    Real blue water catamaran

  • Sunreef 60 Power

    Catamaran 60 Sunreef Power: power boat catamaran - Sunreef Yachts shipyard.

    This catamaran 60 Sunreef Power provide a perfect blend of space, seaworthiness, performance and autonomy.

  • Outremer 51

    Catamaran Outremer 51: Catamaran seaworthy efficient and comfortable

  • Privilège - Euphorie 5

    Power catamaran Privilège - Euphorie 5: catamaran pure and elegant.

  • Canet en Roussillon harbour

    The Canet in Roussillon harbour has many places for catamarans and offers a real comfort in peace for the boaters, close to all amenities.


  • Sailing is a real pleasure

    The pleasure of sailing: sailing by catamaran is a pleasure, a passion. The pleasure of discovering new horizons, observing the sea and nature ...

  • Lagoon Seventy 7

    Catamaran Lagoon Seventy 7: Catamaran of 23 meters.
    Comfort, luxury and elegance represent this Lagoon catamaran.

  • Nautitech 435

    Nautitech 435, easy catamaran, easy going and very livable. The performances under sail are correct thanks to fine bows. Boat easy maintenance.

  • Bali 4.0 Lounge

    Bali 4.0 Lounge (Bali Catamarans Shipyard): With a level of self-sufficiency and living spaces unrivalled in its class

  • School Sailing - Catamaran Laser Funboat

    The Laser Funboat is a small catamaran in rothomoulé designed by Yves Loday. Very easy to use, it will suit the youngest and the oldest.

  • Cannes Yachting Festival - Outremer 51

    Cannes Yachting Festival - Outremer 51

    L'Outremer 51 est le best-seller de la gamme Outremer doublement primé: "European Yacht Of the Year" & "Boat Of the Year" aux Etats-Unis.

    Véritable catamaran de voyage pour les familles autour du monde.

  • Cannes Yachting Festival - Lagoon Catamarans

    Cannes Yachting Festival - Lagoon Catamaran on the display

    Lagoon Philosophy: Lagoon is a brand dedicated to life and freedom, born of a dream combining travel and the comfort of large volumes.

  • Cannes Yachting Festival - Sunreef 80

    The Cannes Yachting Festival is Europe’s leading in-water boating event.

    The Sunreef 80 is an all-around sailing leisure yacht ideal for exclusive getaways, charter and transoceanic adventures.

  • Nautitech 435 in Puerto de la Selva

    Nautitech 435 at anchor in Puerto de la Selva - Spain
    It is located North of Cap de Creus, sheltered in a protected bay off the coast.

  • Catana 50 under spinnaker

    Catana 50, fast and very comfortable catamaran, planned for a couple who goes around the world and who wants to receive on board his friends or children.

  • Loading Lavezzi 40 in a cargo-ship

    Loading a Lavezzi 40 on a cargo-ship. Direction Indian Ocean.

  • Switch 51 in Thailand

    Catamaran Switch 51 - Sud Composites shipyard is a cruising catamaran. Designed by naval architect Van Peteghem & Lauriot Prévost, ideal boat blue water cruising.

  • Athena 38 - Fountaine Pajot

    Athéna 38 - Fountaine Pajot shipyard with recognized nautical qualities.

  • Catana 42 anchor in Palamos

    Catana 42 - Catana shipyard is as resilient as it is light.

    Spacious saloon and cabins, perfect for blue water cruising.