Canet en Roussillon


Latitude 42 42′ 12”N - Longitude 03 02′ 36”E

The prevailing winds in the region are Tramontana (wind) and Marinade (wind from the sea).
Distrust in strong northeastern wind: impractical pass.

Port of Canet en Roussillon: 1,300 berths (max 40 m long) of which about 50 for passing boats.
The Port of Canet in Roussillon has many places for catamarans and offers a real comfort for the boaters, close to all amenities.

Means of handling:

  • Elevators: 35 tons
  • Slipways: 80 Tons
  • 5 shims Halage
  • Fixed Crane: 4 Tons

Weather in Canet en Roussillon


Clear sky 21 °C

Clear sky

  • Min.: 20 °C
  • Max.: 22 °C
  • Wind: 0 kmh 0°

Port of Canet en Roussillon

Map port canet en roussillon

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