• Gorgeous turquoise sea water

    The perfect postcard with a great sun, white sand, transparent water then turquoise and finally a deep blue.

  • Catamaran Navivoile in Port-Vendres

    Navivoile is a sailing maxi catamaran for “Passenger Transport” equipped for “Commerce”,

  • Olympic Harbour - Barcelona by night

    Olympic Harbour is a marina located in Barcelona, Catalonia - Spain.

    Located east of the Port of Barcelona, it hosted the sailing events for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

  • Lagoon 380 anchored off in Bequia

    Bequia is the largest island of the Grenadines in the Caribbean (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) and the first from the north.
    An essential stop for a cruise to the Grenadines with a sumptuous anchorage in a sheltered bay in front of the city of Port Elizabeth with a beautiful white sand beach.

  • Lighthouse Illa Grossa - Columbretes Islands

    The Columbretes Islands are a group of small uninhabited islets of volcanic origin, in the Mediterranean Sea, 30 miles off Oropesa del Mar - Spain 

  • Sailing between Toulon & Canet en Roussillon

    Catana 47 Carbon with its outstanding performance and excellent standarts of safety and comfort

  • Lagoon 380 anchored off in Wallilabou

    Lagoon 380 at anchor in Wallilabou bay - Saint Vincent.

  • Nautitech 435

    Nautitech 435, easy catamaran, easy going and very livable. The performances under sail are correct thanks to fine bows. Boat easy maintenance.

  • Lagoon Seventy 7

    Catamaran Lagoon Seventy 7: Catamaran of 23 meters.
    Comfort, luxury and elegance represent this Lagoon catamaran.

  • Anchorage Palamos by night

    Marina Palamós is a harbour located on the Costa Brava, Spain.
    This marina offers 866 moorings.
    The maximum length supported by this port is 30 meters long.


  • Amazing sunset on board Catana 53

    Sunset on board a Catana 53.

    The Catana 53 is the latest edition to the Catana range.

    Catamaran with minimalist design, with high performance and with an unrivalled level of comfort .

  • School Sailing - Catamaran Laser Funboat

    The Laser Funboat is a small catamaran in rothomoulé designed by Yves Loday. Very easy to use, it will suit the youngest and the oldest.

  • Bali 4.0 Lounge

    Bali 4.0 Lounge (Bali Catamarans Shipyard): With a level of self-sufficiency and living spaces unrivalled in its class

  • Sailing with a wonderful sunrise

    Awesome, sailing alone and have only for horizon the sea, the sky and nothing else

  • Sailing on a Catana 47

    Catana 47, the ideal boat for your round-the-world trip

  • Cannes Yachting Festival - Outremer 51

    Cannes Yachting Festival - Outremer 51

    L'Outremer 51 est le best-seller de la gamme Outremer doublement primé: "European Yacht Of the Year" & "Boat Of the Year" aux Etats-Unis.

    Véritable catamaran de voyage pour les familles autour du monde.

  • Cannes Yachting Festival - Lagoon Catamarans

    Cannes Yachting Festival - Lagoon Catamaran on the display

    Lagoon Philosophy: Lagoon is a brand dedicated to life and freedom, born of a dream combining travel and the comfort of large volumes.

  • Wonderful sunset

    The expression "sunset" only describes one appearance, because the Sun does not set, it is the rotational movement of the Earth that gives this impression.

  • Catana 50 under spinnaker

    Catana 50, fast and very comfortable catamaran, planned for a couple who goes around the world and who wants to receive on board his friends or children.

  • Catana 65 in St Tropez

    Catana 65, very luxurious catamaran which remains a unit of owner. The design is classic and elegant, with uncompromising comfort. It has a very good quality of manufacture with remarkable marine behavior.

  • Cannes Yachting Festival - Sunreef 80

    The Cannes Yachting Festival is Europe’s leading in-water boating event.

    The Sunreef 80 is an all-around sailing leisure yacht ideal for exclusive getaways, charter and transoceanic adventures.

  • Huge trampoline on Taino 82

    Huge trampoline on a Taino 82.

    Sailing catamaran for private use or luxury charter - architect G. Vaton

  • Nautitech 435 in Puerto de la Selva

    Nautitech 435 at anchor in Puerto de la Selva - Spain
    It is located North of Cap de Creus, sheltered in a protected bay off the coast.

  • Sea Lion - Galapagos - Catana 42 Viramundo

    The population of the Galapagos sea lion is estimated to be around 50,000 individuals

  • Catana 53 - Port Ginesta

    Port Ginesta - Spain

    Port Ginesta has 1442 moorings from 7 metres up to 24 metres

    Harbour mouth l 41º 15'40 N L 001º 55'20 I


  • Loading Lavezzi 40 in a cargo-ship

    Loading a Lavezzi 40 on a cargo-ship. Direction Indian Ocean.

  • Switch 51 in Thailand

    Catamaran Switch 51 - Sud Composites shipyard is a cruising catamaran. Designed by naval architect Van Peteghem & Lauriot Prévost, ideal boat blue water cruising.

  • Catamaran Victorinox 50

    On September 28, 2002 the racing catamaran "Victorinox" was presented to the public.
    The 3 main characteristics of the Victorinox, which differentiates it from all other existing cruising or racing catamarans, refers to the method of manufacture, the shape of the hulls, as well as the volume of habitability inside the hulls, called "Human Tubes".

  • Athena 38 - Fountaine Pajot

    Athéna 38 - Fountaine Pajot shipyard with recognized nautical qualities.

  • Anchorage Colonia St Jordi - Mallorca

    Anchorage in Colonia de Sant Jordi - Mallorca
    Colonia de Sant Jordi is a small seaside resort on the southeastern tip of Mallorca.

    The beautiful port of Colonia de Sant Jordi is found in Ses Salines (Mallorca). It is 40 minutes from the nearest airport. It has 315 berths for boats with a maximum length 15 meters and 3 meters maximum draft.

  • Catana 42 anchor in Palamos

    Catana 42 - Catana shipyard is as resilient as it is light.

    Spacious saloon and cabins, perfect for blue water cruising.

  • Canet en Roussillon harbour

    Canet en Roussillon harbour: 1,300 berths (max 40 m long) of which about 50 for passing boats.
    Mooring: On floating pontoons with catways for boats of length> 15 m
    60m front dock to accommodate large units.

  • Catana 582 in Marquesas Islands

    The islands are still the most isolated land masses on the globe

  • Marina in Virgin Islands

    The Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea 60km east of Puerto Rico.
    The islands are known for beautiful white sand beaches, small ports and many anchorages.

  • Privilege 615 in Port-Ginesta

    The Privilege 615 offers space and marine comfort worthy of the Privilege range.

  • Taiti 80 - Summer Blues

    Taïti 80 by Fountaine Pajot

    The Taïti 80 is a sport catamaran specifically designed for commercial operators that conduct tailored and exclusive day charters for their guests.

  • Catana 47 Carbon sailing

    Catana 47 Carbon light and lively and exceptional ability under sail, it gives the helmsman and the crew an incredible sensation of speed and acceleration whilst remaining stable and comfortable thanks to the large bridgedeck clearance.

  • Catana 42 - Saint Feliu de Guixols

    Sant Feliu de Guíxols is one of the best situated marinas of the Costa Brava, in the heart of the geographical triangle formed by Barcelona, the southern coast of France and the Balearic Islands.
    Sant Feliu de Guíxols can accommodate 439 boats up to 60 m long.

  • Seychelles island

    Seychelles Islands : 115 islands in the Indian Ocean
    Seychelles Islands are a paradise destination, perfect for catamaran.
    Port Victoria, located on Mahe Island is the only official entry point and exit for private yachts.

  • The famous W Hotel in Barcelona

    Further, the famous hotel "W" in Barcelona.

  • Catana 65 in Porquerolles

    The island of Porquerolles is the largest and most western of the three islands of Hyères with its 12.54 km² area.
    It is located 2.6 km southeast of Fondue Tower, the southern end of the Giens peninsula, and 9.6 km west of the island of Port-Cros.

  • Catana 53

    Catana 53, a maxi catamaran.

    The Catana 53 is the evolution of the Catana 59 and 62, with an interior design very luxurious and the pleasure of sailing at the speed of the wind.

  • Marina in Samana bay

    Marina Puerto Bahia in Samana Bay - Las Terrenas - Dominican Republic.

    A luxury marina for a hundred boats up to 150 feet.

  • Sunrise


    Sunrise is generally considered to occur when the top edge of the star appears above the horizon

  • Drawbridge - Sète

    Canals which allow the connection between the pond of Thau and the sea is made by many bridges, drawbridge or turning and allow at fixed times the passage of the boats.

  • Lagoon 560

    Catamaran Lagoon 560 - Lagoon Catamaran shipyard

    The Lagoon 560 is a catamaran comfortable and ergonomic. She has a fly bridge which is a veritable upper-deck saloon. For sailing, the boat made steady progress and is agile.

  • Sailing in Greece

    The navigation in Greece is very pleasant, with a multitude of anchorages, many ports and a regular weather. The Greek Islands are particularly suitable for sailing. A short distance between islands and winds are regular in direction.

  • Ocean liner or private catamaran?

    There are many choices for cruises.
    And you, are you rather cruise liner or private catamaran?