Blue Water Program



Do you have a project to buy a catamaran?





MultiHull guides you with a personalized service and a tailor-made service.

Why choose the Blue Water Program?

While many brokers work for sellers, there are also professionals who can work exclusively for you and not for seller.

There are many reasons that can lead to use the services of a professional for a successful navigation project:

  • You're running out of time: searching, selecting and sorting offers can take a lot of time. To ensure that the catamaran presented matches with your search, you will have to make dozens of unnecessary visits. A professional who assists you in your purchase can perform all these tasks for you.
  • The catamaran offer is worldwide : it is very difficult to research and visit several geographical areas. The catamaran that meets all your criteria may be in the Mediterranean, crossing the Atlantic, the Caribbean, the United States or the Baltic Sea ...An intermediary is essential for your visits to be highly targeted on catamarans that match your search.
  •  To buy a catamaran requires a thorough knowledge of the market and a multihull experience, both nautical and technical.

Blue Water Program, a team committed to your side :

Catana 50

MultiHull takes care of your search.

Swiss Cat 45




  • We define together and according to your requirements specifications as precise as possible to the ideal catamaran for your navigation program to help you to evaluate the feasibility of your project.

  • We draw up an exclusive search authorization contract, according to these specifications, so we will work in your interest with our team of professionals.




  • We make a pre-selection of the boats with our network of agents who carry out pre-visits of Catamarans answering your specifications

  • You are informed of catamarans that are on sale before they arrive on the market.

Neel 65
Outremer 45





  • MultiHull uses its customer base to sell their boat, finds the best opportunities and works closely with its global network of brokers, shipyards and builders.




  • MultiHull will give you a report of its research (photos, inventory, status ...) that you can follow 24 hours a day by logging into your member area of the MultiHull Blue Water Catamaran program. 
  • Depending on your choices we organize viewings to the boats you have selected, also organizing logistics and hosting your trips.

Perry 52

MultiHull follows you in your purchase.

  • With our experience and knowledge of the market, MultiHull negotiates for you at the tightest the sale price, we give you a real estimate on the work to be expected in more or less short term.
  • MultiHull follows you during the survey and sea trials.



Catana 55
  • MultiHull advises you on the various solutions of financing, on the choice of the flag. 
  • MultiHull takes care of the formalities of deregistration, Transfer of Ownership.
  • MultiHull accompanies you on delivery
Catana 65
Lavezzi 40
Catana 42
Catana 50
  • MultiHull will do the hand over of your new catamaran and can assist you in the development and in the program of your sailing.
Catana 55

MultiHull accompanies you in the refit of your boat. 

Deck layout - Sails

Palan d'écoute
Sails up


Climbing mast

Hand over

Catana 53
Switch 51


Solar panel


Helm Station
Chart table

Comfort (Plumbing - Genset - Water maker...)

Catana 50


Catana 65
Outremer 45

Modifications and custom redevelopment